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a) Will establish communication with institutions, universities, professional associations, syndicates, associations and persons active in transportation and infrastructure area, evaluate results of their studies, interpret these results and transmit to all its members and related authorities to create results to the benefit of Istanbul and the country.
b) Will develop Istanbul based implementation projects, plans and programs in transportation and infrastructure areas, will carry out attempts and lobbying activities on the side of related authorities to facilitate their implementation.
c) Will directly undertake organization of national and international researches, seminars, conferences, symposiums, fairs, exhibitions and similar meetings, training and visit programs in transport and infrastructure area or will participate in these organizations and provide support; will organize lottery, balls or similar social activities with aid purpose.
d) In order to achieve the targets in the transportation and infrastructure area outlined in the legislations and by obtaining necessary permits from related authorities, it will organize professional training and education sessions, will participate in such organizations, open a library, establish professional certificates and degrees, cooperate with institutions involved in similar activities.
e) Will undertake all data collection, filing and publishing activities regarding social and economic parameters impacting the market of transportation and infrastructure related sectors or organize these services, will cooperate with related institutions with this purpose.
f) Will maintain permanent relations with public - private sector organizations within the framework of long term plans and legal, institutional reorganization, will contribute to their activities, evaluate the results and inform the members about the results.
g) Will determine problems and bottlenecks encountered by its members, transportation and infrastructure sector with an efficient approach, will carry out studies for solving the problems in a collaborative manner with related public and private sector and/or will organize such studies.
h) Will examine, evaluate legal arrangements, stipulations and decrees issued by the Ministers Court, Ministries and public institutions, related to transportation and infrastructure sector, will make attempts on the side of related authorities in order to modify regulations obstructing activities and development of the sector and will present its views.
i) Will establish liaison with related persons to ensure consultancy of Istanbul Transportation and Infrastructure Platform Association regarding legal arrangements related to Transportation and Infrastructure issues and study topics, will participate in the necessary preparation meetings and contribute to building up a formation which will not create any problem throughout implementation.
j) Will monitor all political developments regarding technological developments within the scope, will carry out a study on their potential impacts on the sector and recommend policies, will inform the members and make proposals to related authorities.
k) Will monitor studies and publications of national and international research institutions, and will transmit the findings to the members of the association. Will organize research activities aiming to achieve the technological level of today. Will monitor publications of well known research institutions; changes and developments in time, will set up long term targets for the sector and will transmit its views and approaches on these issues to related institutions and establishments.
l) Will gather all engineers, consultants, academicians, industrial associates and businessmen who are active in the fields of transportation and infrastructure and are member of the sector, under the framework of Istanbul Transportation and Infrastructure Platform Association; and will carry out studies aiming to expand the membership base and become more powerful.
m) To achieve the prospective goals; it can set up sports arena or hall, social facilities, or similar facilities.
n) To achieve the prospective goals and to render greater efficiency of its activities, it will set up a team to carry out above activities, a committee, will purchase or hire immovable(s), will equip the office with staff and equipment sufficient in quality and no., will purchase from outside when necessary all services regarding issues such as consultancy, presentation, public liaison, research; will present all its activities to related authorities in report format and keep the public informed.